At La Popular Taqueria we believe good food
is the best foundation for happy life.

We make our own tacos with love, and with produce from local suppliers using the best produce and meats that are free-range. We choose biodegradable packing because we believe we should all tread lightly on the earth. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable community. 


A bit of history 

When we first laid eyes on the building that would go on to become our beloved taqueria, it was a computer repair shop. We saw the potential, and transformed it from an office space into the vibrant and colourful taqueria you see today. 

We are forever connected to and proud of our local history. That’s why our counter and table tops are made from 100-year-old salvaged timber that used to be the bar across the road at the historical Port Admiral Hotel.



You may be surprised to hear that both Daniella and Kor are marine biologists! When we moved to Adelaide, we wanted to bring our love of authentic Mexican food to our local community. So we started hosting underground dinners under the banner of Mi Mero Mole. These dinners were fabulously fun events hosted in our home, and were the stepping stone to our bricks and mortar location. With encouragement from friends, and support from Renew Adelaide, we decided to take the plunge, and officially opened our doors on 6 October 2017. 

When Daniella moved to Australia in 2009, she thought it would be difficult to cook the things she loved to eat, the things that reminded her of her family and her home in Mexico. Thanks to her determination, and to her delight, she was able to reproduce her favourite Mexican dishes right here in Adelaide. And she’s been delighting the tastebuds of South Australians ever since! 

Daniella takes great pleasure in introducing food from Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula to Adelaide. “I love sharing traditional Mexican food with our community. Often, our customers have never eaten a proper Mexican taco, and it’s such a privilege to share that experience with them,” she said.