Taqueria to offer a true taste of Mexico.

“It will be like a traditional Mexican taqueria …everything will be very bright.
“The idea is to make it welcoming, not something cold, so I hope we can get people to feel cosy.”



No cheesy sombreros here, just the freshest Mexican tacos made by hand.

"I wanted it to be very Mexican,” she says, but “not in a cheesy way”.
That means no hats, no sombreros, and no burritos. Instead, you’ll find white-tiled walls and colourful plastic plates
just like taquerias in Mexico City, and a Virgin Mary statue on the high shelf."



Cheap eats: La Popular Taqueria

“In Mexico, we’re told, women get together to make a dry mix in bulk days before a big celebration,
where they then blend it with liquid to serve. It’s a similar deal here.”

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New Mexican Eatery Opens In Port Adelaide

“On Friday the doors finally flew open unleashing authentic handmade Mexican flavours to the people of Adelaide. 
But this isn’t just any Mexican restaurant.”

Glam Adelaide


Mexican: La Popular Taqueria

“Having moved to Port Adelaide only recently, Guevara says she is really excited about
where the Port is heading, and loves the strong sense of community in the area.
The locals are really getting behind the new restaurant which is great.”

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Best Tacos in Adelaide

“Thankfully, those days are over. Adelaide's new breed of taquerias are much more faithful to Mexico. At these spots, you can expect to find real-deal nixtamalised corn tortillas, imported chillies and vibrant house-made salsas. And the best bit? No knives or forks required.”



Has Mexican food finally come of age in Adelaide?

UX designer Edgar Anzaldúa, from Mexico City, favours
La Popular Taqueria in Port Adelaide. “The owners really work to provide an authentic journey into what actual Mexican cuisine is,”
he says. “They give you a description and a brief history of the plate!”

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